• buenos dia anjo

  • Anonyme

    tu est tres mignonne sur ta photo

  • bon joyeux anniversaire toi bisous

  • alona274

    How I was drawn like a magnet ....

    The same passion

    Unrestrained ...

    Htarbbno storm of emotions


    We lost ourselves in the sounds of pleasure

    We drifted amid choppy seas

    We left behind

    A huge tsunami

    Trail Fire

    And hot coals ....

    I do not want to explain elevated heart beat

    When my passion for reading on your behalf without echo

    The circular walls are bare

    Your character is me

    Candle smoke-splitting layer ...

    Let me look in your eyes

    While we do love .........

    With bod


    y heat of a moment arrives

    And breasts ask your mouth shut about them

    My soul will benefit the peace

    I loved you with trembling resignation

    ...... But won the guise of love


    Pure .............

    Alona horny.

  • Anonyme

    Cc ça va te jolie